When submitting your resume, it is always beneficial to
1) Indicate whether or not you smoke, or would work in a smoking environment.
2) Detail your marital and parental status, pet allergies and travel/ relocation availability.
Also, if possible, please furnish a back-up telephone number and contact who always will know your location. Salary expectations and requirements are helpful in determining the positions for which you are best suited.

Authorized criminal, employment, driving and credit checks may also be required.

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Private tutors

Private tutors in specific areas of study often are hired to help a student augment her or his learning. In the age of COVID 19, more and more, tutors are being hired for augmenting both general and specific subject matters either one-on-one or in a group pseudo classroom setting. Our tutors will have a role in a myriad of ways, including:

  • Schedule and plan the sessions
  • Prepare students for exams or tests
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum content and qualification frameworks you’re providing subject tuition in
  • Use relevant tutoring methods and materials
  • If required, deliver video tutorials and facilitate online forums (if working virtually)
  • Maintain student records, progress reports
  • Ensure health and safety measures are taken
  • Help students complete assignments

The Couple

In general, these positions require skills ranging from excellent housekeeping, cooking, laundry and errands running to valeting, butlering, driving family members, repairing minor mechanical fixtures, gardening, and coordinating travel and entertaining schedules. Ensuring a smooth and controlled running of the household is an essential component of this position. Often times one member of the couple might function as the Major Domo, Cook/ Chef and/ or Butler. More often than not, housekeeping and laundry care are included in this position.


Today, the term Butler often is referred to as House Manager or Major Domo. We at Regal draw a significant distinction between a Butler position and that of a House Manager. The true Butler tends to the execution of the fine details of running a household. It is not uncommon for the Butler to maintain the silver, brass, china, crystal and other valued functional possessions/collections. Floral arranging, message taking, valet service, welcoming guests, and interfacing with outside vendors and contractors are just a few of the Butler’s responsibilities. Light housekeeping and management duties also should be considered when applying for a Butler position. Of course, “flexibility” is the operative word when describing the true Butler.

House/Estate Manager & Major Domo

The role of the Estate Manager takes on many responsibilities. The HM oversees one or multiple residences. No detail is too great nor too small. In addition to full responsibility of management, the hiring of household staff (housekeepers, cooks/chefs, laundresses, landscapers, gardeners, pool maintenance staff, drivers and butlers) requires significant input from the House Manager. Often times, it is the House Manager’s sole discretion as to who else will be employed in the household. The training, scheduling and supervising of staff is an intricate part of the House Manager’s responsibilities. Overseeing the planning and preparation of entertaining, events, business functions, contractor and vendor scheduling and interfacing, and maintaining household inventories are essential components of this position. The House Manager is the “team captain” who must work well with the employer and employees. The supervision of food purchasing and handling, fine wine inventories, security systems, travel arrangements, and budget management all come under the heading of House Manager duties. Often times, the House Manager will govern remodeling and redecorating of multiple residences and oversee the acquisition and care of properties, art, antique and other collections. “Flexibility” is the operative word in describing the House Manager. Often, an on-call schedule will be necessary. The Major Domo (MD) assumes many of the same responsibilities belonging to that of the House/ Estate Manager. However, the MD typically is in charge of one residence. Hiring & even supervising other staff will not necessarily fall under the MD’s purview. Maintaining schedules, organizing vendor/ contractor visits, driving as well as supervising other domestic staff should be assumed by the Major Domo. Ensuring a smooth running household is of the essence when assuming the role of the Major Domo.

Personal Assistant

” Administrative Executive” is the term that best describes a personal assistant. In addition to sharp administrative skills, discretion is a key component of this position. The PA’s responsibilities require the management of the day-to-day operations of the principal’s residence(s), maintaining the family’s agenda and schedules, social calendars, events and special occasions. Personal shopping for the employer, message and correspondence writing and handling are inherent in this position. Interacting with personal and business-related guests, outside vendors and contractors must be accomplished in a professional and pleasant manner. It is imperative that the PA has a working knowledge of Quick Books or the equivalent and Microsoft programs such as Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Because the PA will interact regularly with the household staff, a good demeanor and “team player” attitude are essential qualities for this position.


Excellent driving skills are a must and defensive driving certification is a plus. Map reading acuity, the ability to retrieve advance preparedness for directions and knowledge of driving are necessary. It is mandatory that the candidate has verifiably clean and safe driving record. The Driver must be prepared to be on-call 24/7. A professional and positive outlook towards employer and guests are essential. Maintenance, minor repair (if necessary), detailing and the overall care of automobiles are required.


Regal Domestics Inc. makes a distinction between a Chef and a Cook. The Chef must be trained in the art of fine dining either formally or through years of experience. Catering a meal for many people typically is a necessary skill and component of this position. Clearly, a creative and mouth watering repertoire must be presented beautifully and gracefully. The Chef creates the menus and prepares the meals. Also, it is not uncommon in a household for the Chef actually to serve the meals upon occasion. The purchase and inventory of all food and beverage items and maintaining the weekly food and beverage budget are part of this job description. The Chef must be flexible and be able to easily adapt to formal and informal settings in the home, i.e family style, and entertaining for special guests must be accommodated. Often times when there are children in the residence, the Chef must be patient and accommodating to ensure that appropriate “child friendly” meals are prepared and served. Sporadic or pre-arranged travel for the Chef is expected. When dietary needs and restrictions are present, the Chef must be knowledgeable about such requirements. The Chef must ensure a clean and well-organized kitchen.


The Cook does not need to be as sophisticated nor as accomplished as the Chef. However, tasty, healthy and nicely presented meals are expected. Formal training is a plus, but not a requirement. The Cook is expected to maintain the kitchen and ensure that a clean and sanitary kitchen and dining area are upheld. A broad repertoire of recipes is a true plus in this position. While the Cook is not the “Caterer” per se, it is very helpful if there is some working knowledge of formal dining and serving. The Cook should be prepared to not only prepare the food, but also, to serve the meal and clean up afterwards. In both positions albeit at different levels of skill, grocery shopping, inventory, food maintenance and knowledge of nutrition, food combinations, wine and different types of ethnic and special cuisine are important components of these positions.


The Housekeeper is a much under-rated position of the household. This job can be live-in, live-out, part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent. Job descriptions for this position can vary greatly depending upon the specific and unique needs of the employer and family. However, good organizational skills, detail oriented and a keen sense of cleanliness is critical if the housekeeper is to be successful. Attention to the care of high-end furniture, fixtures, clothing and other valuables is essential if the housekeeper is to maintain a home in the proper way. Often times, the housekeeper must tend not only to the family’s surroundings and needs, but also to those of the pets. Often times, errand running, grocery shopping, cooking, greeting guests and vendors are required duties. The housekeeper is responsible for making certain that all assigned rooms and space are cleaned and maintained to the employer’s satisfaction. Discretion is of utmost importance.


A Nanny is a Childcare Specialist. A Nanny’s workplace is in a family’s private home and the Nanny is to provide one-on-one attention and the best possible care for the family’s children. The work may be full-time, part-time, temporary or permanent, and the Nanny may or may not live-in with the family. The Nanny’s role is to provide support to the family by serving as a loving, nurturing and trustworthy companion. A Nanny should have special childcare skills and a deep love and understanding of children. A Nanny should be willing to offer the family a convenient, high quality care to meet each child’s physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. Duties include tending each child’s basic physical needs, meal planning and preparation, laundry and clothing care, organization of play activities and outings, providing behavioral guidelines and disciplining when appropriate, intellectual stimulation, language activities and provide transportation when required.

Housekeeping responsibilities are primarily limited to those that are child related. A Nanny must be able to communicate well with both children and parents. Depending on the individual family, the nanny might be treated as an employee, a cherished friend or as a member of the family.

Nannies, House; Estate Manager, Major Domo, Butler, Couple, Houseman, Driver Valet Service, Chef, Cook-Housekeeper Laundress, Kitchen Staff Gardener/ Groundskeeper, Farm Manager Yacht Staff, Personal Assistant, Administrative Personnel, Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Medicine Tech/Aide