Regal Domestics, Inc. is here to help you in this unprecedented and most challenging time

In these most uncertain times,we all must adapt to the difficult challenges facing us.
REGAL DOMESTICS INC. understands this all too well, and is helping families seek alternatives to formal classroom education and activities.

We are placing in-home educators to work in-person or virtually with preschool, elementary, junior,
and senior high school students.

Many families are forming small groups, while others are hiring private, one-one teachers to work with their students. Should you want to be referred to a small group close in proximity to your home, we might be able to help you identify one.

No matter what is your preference, we are here to introduce you to our qualified candidates in the same way we work with our other fine in-home prospective employees.

Your home, no matter how large or small, is your space, your very own castle! REGAL DOMESTICS, INC. provides you with the very finest staff that understands and appreciates your own specific needs while maintaining the highest skill levels. Detail oriented, meticulous, trustworthy, discreet, hardworking, and accomplished are just some of the attributes of our employment candidates.


Whether for your office or home, REGAL DOMESTICS, INC. provides you with experienced and committed staff whose unique skill levels range from household, travel and construction management, accounting, bookkeeping, and computer proficiency to major domos, personal assistants, appointment and scheduling secretaries, and personal shoppers, etc. REGAL DOMESTICS, INC. will customize and tailor fit a match for you.
For vulnerable, frail and elderly individuals and those suffering from illness, love can come in the form of a REGAL caregiver. Our wide array of health care providers provide the extra customized assistance that you or your loved ones need to remain secure and comfortable at home. However, if in-home care no longer is an option, REGAL CARE in conjunction with GERIATRIC PLACEMENT SOLUTIONS will consult with and advise you about the different facilities available to you. RC AND GPS will provide you with all of your options as you navigate through life’s health uncertainties and decisions.
With life’s everyday demands becoming increasingly important and complex, the art of concierge, for many, has shifted from becoming a luxury to a necessity. The term “concierge” evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges, or “The Keeper of the Candles,” who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era. Today, REGAL CONCIERGE will customize services just for you whether they be in-doors or out, ranging from vendor appointments and pet care, to running errands, ticket and gift purchasing, and making reservations, etc.