For Applicants

Application for Employment

Regal Domestics, Inc. will assist qualified applicants obtain positions for which they are best suited. The initial step requires the applicant to submit the completed application below. Since our inception in 1985, REGAL DOMESTICS, INC. never has charged its applicants any type of fee. We are proud that we still maintain our stellar reputation without asking applicants to incur any registration/application costs.
We respect your privacy. This information will not be shared with anyone without expressed permission from the applicant. Information provided by you is voluntary.
You may submit this form on-line or by fax at (301) 770-4998. If available, please provide us with your resume by either e-mailing at or faxing it to us.

Application Form

  • I agree not to take any position referred to me by Regal Domestics, Inc. (“Regal”) if Regal is not compensated for such placement. Furthermore, I agree to inform Regal of my current telephone numbers and contact information as well as job availability. I agree to notify Regal if and when I accept and/ or leave a position referred to me by Regal.